Monday, August 23, 2010

The ME Book.

Do you remember the "Me Book"?

I do.

Me books are neat-o...Imagine a collection of everything that you like and enjoy - at that very moment - captured as a keepsake. They were my absolute favorite school project, EVER. Wilo would say that this is clearly an early example of my narcissism, but I say...Whatevah! Um...who doesn't love writing about themselves and everything they love?

I made a few throughout my schooling -and the only one I have is my last one - the one I made as a junior in High School. I love that I have it - it takes me back to being 16 from the comfort of my 29 year old body.

I was thinking about these books earlier this week as the kids were preparing for their first day of school (which is tomorrow - yayayayayayayayayay. YAY!). I bet you, I will see a Me book from one of them this year. I wished that I could do one too.


I CAN make one, too!

I bet you can see where this is going!

I'm gonna make a "Me" Book!

Isn't this blog already a ME Book, you ask? Well yes, I suppose it is. I do come here to write about Me and my life, but I slack at it. I've been thinking of ways to make me more consistent with my posts and I think a Me Book would be a good start.

So, Every Monday - I'm gonna post something that is "Me". It may be an object, or a story, or a song - whatever. Just one of my favorites that represent some part of me.

Sound like good times? Let's see.