Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Page

I am totally laughing that the first page of my grown up "Me" book would be a bottle of wine. I love it, even though it lends itself to the impression of me being a total lush, which I am most certainly not. I do enjoy my RED wine though.

(Not so fun fact: White gives me a headache just by smelling it. I'm not joking, it's weird.)

I love this particular Merlot because it strongly says Melissa  - it just doesn't say Melissa....It dances Melissa.

My hippie girl roots adore the name, and the design of the label. I feel like it's looking at me, smiling, wearing a FREE HUGS sign. It's why I bought it in the first place - several years ago. Once I tasted it, I was sold. I've been drinking it since - it's like my house wine.  Adorable, beatnik, and cheap. Right up my alley.

Come over and I'll share some. I will also make you listen to the Grateful Dead, and will gladly give you a hug. For free, even.