Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well, he does.

When new or expecting mommies have voiced concern over the giant loss of sleep during the first year, I've been quick to say: "Ohhhh, Don't worry! Just sleep when the baby sleeps!".  It makes a HUGE difference - and is wise advice. Maybe even the best advice I was ever given, actually.

If you can do it.

This is the first one where I can't.

I was spolied with Jakob. I didn't work for the first 8mo of his life, and he was our only child. I slept ALL the time. It was great.

With Abby, Jake was little enough that he was still taking two naps - so twice a day, for the first six weeks (until I went back to work), I would get two, luxuious three hour naps a day. Stellar!

I stayed home for 12weeks before going back to work with Raegan. Jake and Abby were old enough for me to nap for short periods, but young enough to stay put and be completely entertained by a movie. I napped on the couch while she slept every day.

With John....ZERO! Raegan is so spotty with her naps, and I can't sleep while she is just laying and resting because that child will try to climb out  the window. I'm not kidding. Abby would be totally fine until Jakob starting being a brother and bugging her. Jake could possibly be trusted to three hours of mom free time if he wasn't in love with riding his bike, or he didn't have friends coming to the door asking if he can come out.

Not to mention the sleeping baby hours where housework and cooking and laundry should fill the day.

So, yeah, I've been zombie style tired recently.

I am supposed to be pro at this new mommy madness and instead I am making pots of coffee at 10pm!!

p.s. This shirt cracks me up.  It was given to us by a friend of Wil's and it just makes me grin.