Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prolly not the last time...

This will mark the first blog post typed with a baby sleeping in my arms. It's actually the first time I've sat at the computer with him at all, now that I think about it. Shocking, I KNOW!

It's easy peasy to type, email, and browse while holding a little one. I actually worked from home - with Raegan on my lap -  following her birth, and it wasn't too difficult at all. The plan only fails as they become older and gain tooooo much curiosity about the sounds they hear from the keyboard and computer almost mesmerized by the lights from the monitor.

(I find it funny that Wil comes around the corner just this very second and goes - Oh! there you are, I was wondering where you and he were... Lord Melissa, you know that's why our kids are savvy computer users, right?" Perfect timing with that comment considering how I started this post. Toooo funny.)

Anyways. I have a couple things I want write and share with you. Stuff like - my thoughts on going from 3 to 4 children,  how great it is has been to have Wilo home on vacation - how the big kids are spending their Fourth of July. Things of that routine nature. They will be finished shortly, I'm sure.  Well...Maybe.

It's just that I've been wayyy to occupied with something else.

Like...Ohhhh, I don't know...falling madly in love with this guy....


P.S.  Induldge me as I spoil you with pictures of our lovely John over the next few weeks. Or Months. Or years. Smitten much, Meli? 

Yes, Yes I am.