Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go, Go, Google! My tale of John's arrival.

It's hard to believe this time last week I was sitting at this computer, using Google to answer: "How do you know if your water broke?"

Yes, you read that correctly! Mom of FOUR - using Google search to determine if my water did indeed break. I find this VERY amusing. But, cut me some slack! I might be a pro at making and delivering babies but my water never broke on it's own! AND, it was sooo not like I saw in the movies - no big gush, no huge puddle, no OH MY GOSH - GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! exclamations. Nope, none of that. Just a tiny, weeny, small trickle every time I stood up from sitting or laying. Not even ONE contraction. None! How weird is that?

I wasn't exactly sure what was going on - but thanks to GOOGLE!, I decided I should probably go to the hospital. I woke up Wilo with, "Hey, I think my water is breaking...maybe...." and his response... "Ok, did you make coffee?".  Um, Seriously? My water is breaking and you want coffee?! Where's the urgency? Where is the HOLY CRAP! MELISSA IS HAVING A BABY frantic-ness of years past? Oh yeah, thats right, this is the fourth go at this - water breaking or not, we knew that we didn't have to panic and that nothing was happening anytime soon.

So,  Daddy had some coffee, while I made the appropriate "I think my water MIGHT have broke" calls and shipped my big kids off to my parents. (They were so wicked excited about finalllllly being able to go spend 3 interrupted days at their mamaw's and papaws - it was like a mini vacation to them). We then made our way to the hospital.

After a very quick exam and a quick look in a microscope, it was determined that my water did indeed break, and I heard the most amazing words I had heard in several weeks: "Well, Melissa, since your water broke, we can't let you go home. We will have to induce you - so looks like you will be having a baby today!"


Seriously, we were both on cloud nine when we heard the news - like two kids who had just been told they were going to an amusement park or that they could have ice cream for dinner. We were goofy and silly and excited. We were having fun. I'm not kidding - we laughed so much.

To sum up the next several hours - The nurses started the pitocin and waited for my labor to start. I was only dilated to 3 when we began (you need to be at 10 to deliver for you baby noobs) and it took forevvvvveeerrrr for my labor to progress. (That was one of the reasons I had wanted to avoid an induction - I would have rather been up, walking, and bringing on those contractions versus laying in a bed, invalid just waiting).

Alas, 6 hours and an epidural later, I asked for the nurse to check me again - and I was disappointed to hear that I was only at 6cm. I had been put on oxygen at that point (a common practice for induced labors, the oxygen was for the baby who wasn't quite ready to make the venture down) and was annoyed. She left the room, and told me to hang in there - but that we still had a ways to go. I was to call her if I felt any consistent pressure and if my "IT'S TIME TO PUSH" instincts kicked in. Well....Ten minutes later.... I made the call.

I had gone from 6cm to 10cm in TEN MINUTES. (Praise the good lord for the epidural, because I can only imagine how freaking awful that would have been if I could've felt it. The nurses said my contracts were 2 1/2 minutes long at that point, coming every 1min apart. GEEEEEZE.)

Five minutes, and 2 pushes later, we heard..."IT'S A BOY!"

My baby quatro was finally here and he was a HE!

Whether it is your first, second, third or FOURTH child, there is something so incredibly amazing about seeing your baby for the first time. It's literally breath taking, overwhelmingly emotional, and oh so special. I cried so many tears of joy for this beautiful baby that I had waited so very long for - he was perfect and healthy. He looked soooo much like Raegan - it was very surreal. All my kids resemble each other, but it was crazy how identical he looked to his bigger sister....with one noticeable difference. WE HAD A BOY!!

(We would've loved a little girl so much too, but a boy - wowza! - it had been ten years since our last fellow - and we were now 'even' in the family).

My recovery was fast and problem free - and 24 hours later - we were home, starting our life together.

I am so happy he is here, you have no idea. Not only because I'm not a grumpy, huge, over due pregnant lady but because we have the most purest source of joy flooding our home. Everyone feels it, everyone embraces it.

Thank you John, for arriving right on your own time and bringing such a special element to our family. I'm sorry for calling you a little shit a million times while I was waiting for you to totally taught your impatient mama how sweet it is when the anticipation turns into such a sweet reality.