Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freeeeeedom! Happy Fourth of July ramblings.

Fourth of July is a special holiday for us. If you do not know why - I've already written about it - so check it out. 

It basically is the anniversary of our son Jakob's miracle. I am truly thankful every day for the love and power of Jesus Christ and the omniscient, faithful promises of God. I am incredibly lucky to have my son still with us - though nearly at age 10 he tries my nerves.... but I'm even thankful in those moments, believe it or not. I'm not going to expand on this too much - as I have done so before in this blog - and I know that at some point, the emotions will creep up and I will be weeping for a minute. Just don't feel like shedding those tears right at the moment....


I hope you all have (and have had) a lovely Fourth of July. There were no fireworks for us this year - hellloooo, baby John is a tiny guy! - but there is always next year. I'm greatful that my sister - in - law took the big kids to a parade yesterday where they had a ton of fun and came home very happy - and with a TON of candy, waters, Frisbees, and beads.

(Though, I have to admit I cringed a little bit when Raegan took the beads, and came down the stairs, shaking her scantily clad booty - wearing only a pull up - and cheering. I can't help but to flash forward 20 years and say a prayer that she gains some modesty. Actually, can you all pray, because welll... I am her mama....)

I am also thankful that my mother - in - law took my oldest two for an overnight last night! It was a nice break just to have the two little ones with us - yes...when you have 4 children, only having two of them = break, fo' sho.

We are heading over there at some point this afternoon for a cook out - should be nice. It will also be Baby John's first 'big' trip (the only other trip was down to my parents which is ohh 5mi away?!) so I have to decide what to take and's been a while since I've had to plan like that. Although - since he IS number four, I know that I dont' have to take every. single. piece. of. baby. stuff. we. have.  (Baby number one would've had a trunk full!)

In all seriousness - the Fourth of July serves as a reminder of all that has been sacrificed by our American Men and Women for - YOU and I.  We are incredibly lucky to have the freedoms, rights and security we utilize daily. It is because of them, and those before them, that we are able to enjoy our daily life. So, THANK YOU!

As we think about freedom, I also have a heart, full of thankfulness,  for the freedom from Sin and Death that I've been granted as a follower of Jesus. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live free of the sin that tries to tangle us daily and that we might have his ever flowing, constant  forgiveness.  His love is so powerful, and his promises so true, that I can't imagine living without them. My wish for you would be for you to experience that freedom as well.

Ok, Ok, Ok. I should probably 'zip it' at this point....John is sleeping, Raegan is watching Nick Jr, and I am pretty positive that Wilo is exercising his Right to Sleep freedom at the moment. It's noon. We gotta get this show on the road!

Happy Fourth!