Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mean as a...

I've been sitting here for the past 45 minutes starting typing and stopping...Maybe it's because I'm on the lame-o computer and Wilo is using mine (his fancy one is broken in a shmancy way). Maybe, possibly.... it's because I don't want to communicate anything other than....


Go ahead, point out that my due date is still two days away, thanks. Feel free to tell me that fewer than 5% of births happen ON the due date - and that most of them happen within the two weeks before or after. Get all technical and tell me that pregnancies aren't deemed "Over Due" until their 41st week, and so long as the baby is healthy - and that pregnancies can go as long as 42 weeks before induction.

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

I, honestly, did not think I would STILL be waiting on Baby Quatro at this point. I become more uncomfortable, dramatic and emotional by every passing minute. Some would even say that my mood swings run rampant and that I just might be easily irritated.

And to think, I am pretty adamant on making it to 41 weeks before scheduling an induction.

Perhaps, instead of blogging, I should be writing "I'm sorry I'm as mean as a pissed off, pregnant snake at the moment" notes to my children, husband and any innocent vicitim who happens to be bitten.

Bet you can't get those at Hallmark.