Thursday, June 3, 2010

16 days.

I looked at my World of Warcraft Calendar this morning - and my good friend had posted an event on my due date - June 19th. It read: Meli baby due. I sat there staring at it for a moment - there are not many days between now and then. 16 to be exact.


That is a little over two weeks away! For real?! Has it gone by this fast?

Yes, yes it has.

It seems like only yesterday that me and my bff were sitting in my bathroom and I was asking, "Why is that line there? That line is not good! That is THE line". I am so glad she was there, because I just might have jumped out of my bathroom window.

I am so glad that Wilo was so awesome and got over the intial shock before I did - it helped me so much.

I am also glad that despite my pleas of, "Let's keep this super quiet until I show" to Wilo went arry by Abbigail's attention to detail and her ability to sound out words and her intuitiveness. Did I tell you? She found the test box in the trash and came into my living room dangling it between her fingers, wearing a mischievous, I - just - totally - busted- you - out, grin... asking, "Sooo, Mom, Dad...what is this?" Her bringing it out and in the open helped the entire family start to become excited. It's hard not to feel that emotion when everyone around you is simply delighted.

So here we are 37 1/2 weeks later. My belly is huge, but my boobs are gigantic. I've gained 35lbs, which is soooo great for me. I gained 65, 70 and 55, respectively, with my others. It's hard to move around, and I make rolling over sound sooo painful and like such an ordeal. It is!

The baby could come at anytime. ANY TIME, yo. I am really hoping that he or she waits until the due date. I think I would just like more time. More time for everything - the gathering of baby stuff, more time for him or her to grow, more time for me to have an excellent reason to sleep all the time, more time for me to wash walls, etc. etc.

After this weekend it will finally look like a baby will be living here. I will have my bassinette, pack and play, and my swing in my house. Baby furniture takes up a lot of room, and is so intoxicating to little girls - I have intentionally left pieces at my parents or been patient in getting them. I have bottles and blankets. I have an infant carrier on hold. I have everything I need other than clothes - but those are hard to buy because well....surprise baby is truly a surprise! Thank you so much to all of you - you know who you are - who have helped pass really nice, very gently used baby stuff my way. You have no idea how much it was and is appreciated.

I originally had thought 100% that I was having a boy. I have not been wrong with my other children, and have had gut feelings on each of them. However, with this one, I have no idea anymore.

At least we have names picked out - Wanna hear them? Drum Roll Please....

Genavieve Nickole and John Timothy.

I love the name Genavieve and Nickole is my BFF and my own middle name.

John is the name of my brother, brother in law, and Wil's father. Timothy is the name of my dad and my other brother. I am very pleased with both of the options and so is Wilo.

I hope to spend this weekend cleaning and organizing - AGAIN, and packing our bags. It's just not one hospital bag, but FOUR. That's right - FIVE bags. One for each of us. One for me and the baby for the hospital, one for each of the kids who will be spending the night away, and one for Wilo just in case he has to go straight from work to the hospital.

As difficult as this pregnancy has been for so many reason and even though I would like a few more weeks - I am really, really, really, really (you get the point) anxious to hold this baby. I can't wait to look into his or her eyes, feel their little tiny fingers, kiss their little, tiny toes... Smell that lovely new baby smell. I have thought so much about it. I can't wait to meet them.

This entire house cannot wait to meet him or her either. It will be such a life changing and bonding event for my own little (well is a family of 6 really little?) family.

If you think of us, say a prayer that all will go smoothly with the labor and delivery. Say a prayer that the baby will be healthy and strong. Say a prayer that I allow Wilo to talk during the process (funny story, i wanted complete silence with Jakob, hehehe) and that I make it in time for an epidural.

This might be my last shot at an all natural childbirth - but um, no thanks! I've got nothing to prove : )

Not sure when I will blog again (you know that is a given with this whole project) but I will most definitely update once the baby is born!