Thursday, April 8, 2010

What I am Watching...

As this pregnancy progresses, I am finding it harder and harder to spend my nights playing my wonderfully delicious, geektastic Game. (I play World of Warcraft - and no, I do not live in my mother's basement, and yes I am moderately attractive, and No, I do not believe they are real magic swords I am using...I am normal, just a little nerdy.)

My attention span is worse than that of a two year old, making it very hard to focus on the game.

In lieu of slaying dragons and healing my friends - I have been watching an increasingly more amount of television....This is a big deal for me as I basically swore off 99% of it over the past few years.

These are the "New-to-Me" shows I am watching and totally enjoying.... I have not watched any of them prior. I've included links to show off my unimpressive tech skills and to share the love.

Dancing With the Stars

Pro: Beautiful people in lovely costumes dancing away with charming, good looking professionals. Every girl in my house now wishes we could dance the night away in those classic styles. I love to see the progression and the courage of those who are participating. If you have ever danced in front of people you know how intimidating it can be.

Con: Kate Gosselin is like watching a train wreck. Sooo painful, yet sooo hard to look away.

Celebrity Apprentice

Pro: Sharon Osbourne, Cindy Lauper and Bret Michales. Watching the former Governor of Illinois show his complete ignorance of anything work related. And of course, Donald Trump asking straight forward - sock you in the gut - questions. I've been in board rooms with big executives (none of the caliber of Mr. Trump but close) being questioned about why my hotels were or were not making their million dollar budgets... I love the feeling of being put on the spot and answering adequately.... I also like the feeling of watching pampered celebrities fail at doing so.

Con: Pretty much all of the above. Celebrities with access to anything they want, unable to execute simple business projects is a little disgusting.

Ghost Hunters

Pro: I finally, as an adult, am able to explore my curiosity...ghosts...souls stuck in between. As a child I was prohibited from doing so (my mama was verrrryyyyy conservative) and frankly, it all scared me a bit. This show is amazing and I am so hooked. I like how they look for common sense and or scientific ways to debunk the claims.

Con: It totally all could be staged and I am being insanely gullible.

Extreme Makeover - Home

Pro: Touching stories, loving families. Cutie Ty. Fresh Starts. New beginnings. Amazing transformations.

Cons: I cry the whole time. To the point where my big kids take bets on how far into the show I will start the water works. And, I also worry (Blame Empathy: The Extreme Melissa edition) about how the families will be able to afford the utilities on such large houses once the show moves on and the gifts expire. I also doubt how genuine some of the designers realllly are to the it truly a passion or just a paycheck?

So there you go. Confessions of a TV snob reacquainted with the comfort of mindless reality TV and my couch. Wanna come over? I will totally share my snacks and tissues. I will also be open to any suggestions for great shows I am missing... I'll even let you control the remote.