Thursday, March 18, 2010

Epic Fail?

Way to commit to writing daily and then...not. HA!

There is Melissa in a nutshell.

No, to be fair, this blog has been on my mind, tho I lacked the energy or time to write. Such is life, in my neighborhood.

I feel asleep the other night thinking about what I was going to write about the next day. I was excited to post something the next morning. I had thoughts about discussing what a crappy human being I thought John Edwards was, and how I felt for his mistress. I thought about venting my on going struggle with picking out names for this baby, or proclaiming how I am truly embracing my pregnant body this time around, finally. However, the next morning was much more serious, and the trivial topics and this blog seemed to fade into the background of reality.

My father called me before 8am to see if I wanted to go to the hospital to visit my grandfather. He is very ill, and is in the Critical Care Unit. His problems are too many to list, and they are significant.

I, of course, went. I would do anything for my Dad. He's my super hero.

It was very difficult to see my grandpa - this pillar of strength, now very weak, unable to move or to talk or to eat. It made me very reflective and I'm still not ready to write about all of those emotions I felt. I will save that for another day.

The emotions were plentiful and ran the gauntlet. The one that I can't shake and the one I will share, is yet another realization of how quickly time and life pass by. Standing there, looking at my grandpa, I couldn't help but to flash back to being a little girl in his arms, and talking about how I wanted "Chockit Pizzie" for dinner.... It seems as quickly as I flashed back to the present, is as quickly as I grew up.

Time is valuable and fleeting. I want to savor it a little more each day. Before I know it, my children will be grown and standing over me, wondering where the time has gone.